How do I pay?

We offer payment by credit card in amounts of whole hundreds (DKK) in the Micusto Cloud v2 control panel. The paid amount is inserted on the account balance.

Both manual and automatic payment are possible.

Manual payment is a one-time credit card payment and is best suitable for achieving bonus through larger payments or keeping the number of invoices low with a large deposit once in a while.

Automatic payment is adding a credit card and let the payment system handle payment of subscriptions when needed.

Both payment methods calculate the needed amount of the account balance to cover uninterrupted subscription service instances.

We recommend automatic payment since it's best for keeping your services online at all time and avoid subscription renewal failure.

The payment system will send out reminders per subscription when payment is needed.

Manual and automatic payments are not refundable.

If your organization is unable to pay with credit card please contact

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