How do I send mail from my site?

To send mail using forms or other components on a site or web application on Micusto Cloud v2 platform, it is necessary to configure the web application to send out mail using SMTP AUTH.

You have 2 options:

  1. You can send mail through your own SMTP service, your web application must be configured like you do when sending mail from your regular mail client, like Outlook etc.

    In this case you don't need to configure anything within the Micusto Cloud control panel.

  2. Micusto Cloud v2 includes an SMTP Service which is activated through

    Go to Domains -> Domain name -> SMTP.

    You will need to configure the outgoing mail server, like you would have used in option 1, because will have to authenticate with your SMTP service (via auth proxy).

    That said, mails from your web application won't be sent from your SMTP service, but your SMTP service will authorize to send mail on your behalf.

    When configuring your web application you must use as SMTP host and as username/password you must use whatever will authenticate with your own SMTP service (a proxied SMTP AUTH).

    When using the SMTP Service in Micusto Cloud v2 we recommend adjusting SPF record for the domain used to send out mail. See this article for more information on SPF (in danish).
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