Micusto Cloud v1 vs. Micusto Cloud v2

  • New management URL https://my.micusto.cloud with a clear overview of subscriptions and upcoming renewals. Increase balance with credit card payment and achieve bonus through larger payments!
  • New internals based on Docker. Each space is now containerized with its own services inside its own separate network (software defined network).
  • A space now consumes a larger pool of resources in total (memory and processes), but gain better security, scale out options, stability and control.
  • Micusto Cloud v1 file cache has been deprecated in v2.
  • Manage IP-whitelist and 301-redirects.
  • Configure Pass Through URLs and Cookies (Varnish Cache).
  • Straightforward SSH access for each space with CLI tools.
  • Most tasks are moved to micusto CLI tool.
  • For web applications that need a database to work, a database is now created by default when a space is created.
  • Micusto Cloud v1 PHP versions PHP 5.4/5.6 vs. Micusto Cloud v2 versions PHP 5.4/5.6/7.0/7.1.
  • Micusto Cloud v2 has several new features, e.g. Let's Encrypt (free SSL certificate for each domain).
  • Easy to adapt and run any application that runs on a Linux platform including applications written in PHP, Go, Python, Ruby etc. Contact our support if you wish to scale out your existing application.
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