How do I install a fresh web application

To install a fresh web application in the Micusto Cloud v2 environment two options exist.

1. Upload web application source files through SFTP/SSH and continue setup of the web application through the browser. Uploading files can be very time-consuming, but is necessary when installing an existing site.

2. Use micusto CLI tool in a SSH console.

To install TYPO3 use micusto install typo3 for latest version, or micusto install typo3 --version 7.6 for a specific version. To install WordPress use micusto install wordpress and for Drupal, micusto install drupal.
The micusto CLI tool downloads web application source from the web applications own repository, so it's really downloading "server to server" which is fast (if not downloading from a slow mirror). When download has completed and unpacked, files are left in the web root directory of the space. Continue setup of the web application through the browser.

Option 2 is fast and recommended for fresh installs.


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