How do I manage files and database?

Be aware that both SFTP/SSH (file access) and Adminer (database access) services have a timeout, different timeouts are allowed depending on the space subscription level.

"Always on" is possible with Business and Enterprise subscriptions, but is NOT recommended!

The timeout of services is a security measure for avoiding brute-force attacks, if you don't have a door to knock chances for a break-in is a lot less!

Also, remember that SFTP/SSH and Adminer access is a straight way to the heart of your application.

SFTP/SSH login and port number are dynamic and change if the SFTP/SSH service is started again after a timeout.

If setting SFTP/SSH service with a timeout of 7 days, the service will terminate after 7 days.
To enable the service again the service needs to be started through the control panel.

You can start SFTP/SSH and Adminer services by going to Spaces and select a space, Services menu and click SFTP/SSH or Adminer. See image of services running and timeouts.


Learn how to auto login with SSH using private/public keys.

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